Autumn 2017
Dozenten: Mauro Paolozzi, Lorenz Meier, Tobias Klauser

With the theme „office material“, I start into this process orientated work. Office material like paper clips, sticky tape, Tipp-ex or various types of pens come to my mind. At first glance, these materials appear to have only one purpose when I think of the intended use of the object. But in this regard, they have much more to offer. I decide to take a closer look at the Edding pen. I realise how multi-functional that object can be and which creative possibilities it offers, after drawing the pen, examine the typography on it, adding other objects to it, smearing paint on it and even using it as a stamp. The stamping process again leads me to the relief printing process. In the relief printing process, I then disassemble, transform and simplify the pen. This process is like an explosion of transformation variations based on a normal object of everyday use.