posters | mass retailer
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Spring 2018
Lecturers: Martin Woodtli, Martin Infanger, Felix Pfäffli, Tarcisius Schelbert
Kunde: APG «Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft»

The word “sharing” is a huge term. You share information with others, you can share your food with someone, or you share a comment on social media. My poster refers to the subject “mass retailer”. The mass retailer shares many things with the customer. He assigns prices to products.  He tells us which items are available for less money, he distributes offers like:  Two for one!  The purpose of this “sharing” is to motivate the customer to buy. The mass retailer shares such a huge amount of products with us. It’s insane how many materials and resources the consumers are confronted with. They are in fact overwhelmed by the excess of products and go crazy.