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since 18.09.2022–currently: BA Design, Interaction Design at ZHdK, Zürich

01.04.–31.08.2022: graphic design intern at Fotichaschte.ch, Zürich

07.06.–06.12.2021: graphic design-internship at Chimpy, Member of the promotion team, Zürich

01.10.2020-29.12.2020: sales job and visual merchandiser at Depot

06.05.2019-06.11.2019: graphic design-internship at Le Studio w+e

2016-2020: “Fachklasse Grafik” (graphic designer EFZ) with “BM”

2013-2016: secondary school Oberägeri, Zug
2006-2013: primary school Oberägeri, Zug

Hello, I am Tara Jenkins, it is nice to have you here. Would you like to turn your vision into an actual product? A book, a website design or a logo? Let us create something suitable and find a solution to your idea!

“I am colourful designer constantly enjoying to design new projects. Weither it’s a motion project, a print-product or an analogue design, I am keen to find the ideal design output. Creating phenomenal projects is a pleasure for me and an exciting adventure every time. As a reliable and determined person I am always motivated to learn new things.”

Let’s go on an adventure and create something individually for you.
Feel free to contact me via: info@talesdesign.ch
Also check me out on: Linkedin