Winter 2018
Lecturers: Martin Infanger, Martin Meyer, Marco Backer, Fabio Parizzi, Tobias Klauser
Customer: Fachklasse Grafik & FMZ Luzern

“Greetings from Lucerne” is the task for the “Fachklasse Grafik”. Each year, 16 postcards are selected and printed in the offset printing technique. My card in collage form was also chosen. The motive shows Lucerne built out of special Lucerne sweets. While observing the card you should think: “mmmh I like Lucerne!”. At the same time, I produced screen-printed postcards which also cover the subject of Lucerne. I am presenting a subject which is about the “protection of the Musegg towers”. In the old days the Musegg wall with its towers used to protect the city of Lucerne. Today however, the citizens of Lucerne protect the towers from decay.