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Winter 2017/2018
Lecturers: Vera Bueler, Matthias Hauser, Tobias Klauser, Felix Pfäffli, Irene Erni
Collaboration: Fiona Handermann, Laura Maurer
School project at Fachklasse Grafik

Are we dealing with the water economically? In this project we develop a fictitious initiative on the subject of “water waste”, which we reflect in a video and a newspaper. The waste of water seems like an unsolvable and sensitive subject to us. But after long discussions, deep research and comprehensive analysis of the water and the related problems, we have an idea. An extra tax for the waste of water could be introduced. This tax should be controlled by the DEZA and used for supporting developing countries. This initiative should lead to a more economical use of water. In case the water consumption is higher than the fixed amount of water per household, then this additional tax will be imposed. The water tax will then be invested in projects to support developing countries.