Summer 2018
Lecturers: Amadeus Waltenspühl, Flavia Mosele
Collaboration: Carla Wildisen, Jan Bättig
Customer: Weltformat Luzern

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A promotional video for a workshop. In this work, a video and a poster for the “world class” workshop on behalf of Weltformat are created. This workshop is organised annually by the Graphic Design Class Lucerne as part of the “Weltformat Graphic Design Festival”. In the video a variety of different materials, objects and noises can be recognised. The task is to play with typography, format and space. But during the design process we change our concept several times and run out of time. Our work then uses the actual process as a subject and shows various techniques which we experimented with during that time. In addition to being partly involved with the development of the concept for the visual I am mainly responsible for the poster.